Human Resource Solutions

ITS helps organization from the risks associated with challenges in HR management. We facilitate how to ensure compliance and provide management training and support services by offering authentic:

1. Turn-Key Recruitment

a. Maintaining candidate`s database.
b. Provide 'ready-to-work' workforce.
c. Large recruitment at multiple locations.
d. Recruitment suitability Tests.

2. HRM Outsourcing

As Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Professional Employer Organization (PEO), we are aware of industry requirements about quality and ethical practices. We believe in client focused solutions and offers both; BPO and PEO which include:

a. Selective / Full HRM functions outsourcing.
b. Office equipment for outsourced employees.
c. Capacity building & appraisal of employees.
d. Pay-Roll Management.

3. HR Systems Development

It includes job planning, career development and performance management, Training Need Analysis, Organizational and employee surveys based on practical and up-to-date HR trends. Also includes the development of HR manuals and other documents.