About ITS

Interior testing service is a self-governing professional, and self-sustained organization that supports the public and private sector institutions in the process of selection and recruitments based on merit. Our vision is to set a standard of the education and directing the educated and qualified to the government and private organizations, and select the candidates on the basis of our wide research and experience in education, professional and relevant testing system.
We not only help the institutions identify gaps in their system but bridge them through concrete counter-active measures. ITS is an employment and intellectual testing service, dealing with government, public and private sector organization that support university students and job applicants. We create opportunities with transparency and merit in professional, specialized and autonomous way.

Vision Statement

We have a vision of a Future that Works – for people, for businesses and for the Economy. We acknowledge the difficulty of achieving a “perfect balance”, where all Priorities are met, and where everyone benefits. Therefore, we strive to bring a combination of Innovation, science and collective wisdom into the process of recruiting testing, admission testing, general assessment testing, pay scale maintenance system, Capacity building and monitoring services. Our aim is to build consensus and a common understanding of the risks and the chosen solutions through our consulting processes.

Mission Statement

Interior Testing Services is to provide comprehensive and quality testing program to built and promote the standards in educational and professional testing and assessment. Interior Testing Services is also looking forward to provide innovative Human Resource Management Services to its clients and to provide Capacity Building training to enhance the performance of the employees at all levels. We are committed to facilitate and support the achievement of professional while maintaining an optimum standardized testing environment. Interior Testing Services in endeavor to big out the potential of Human Resource covered in the rubble of cast color, creed, neglect and deprivation due to gender and geographical classification.

CEO Message

Ever since the big bang and the consolidation of universe, the knowledge is expanding in all directions. The expansion of knowledge stems from Allah Al-Mighty, the sole creator of all and the quest of human beings. Our Almighty Creator is the fountain of knowledge who had been dropping droplets, through his chosen prophets to the mankind. The people have been exploring, evaluating and inventing articles of use through permutation and combination. The initiative of knowledge rolled over the old thoughts and trumpeted the new ideas, theories and usage. But it has a common discourse or disregarding the obsolete or less efficient to be replaced with new or more efficient and productive articles. The development and expansion of knowledge gas changed the face of earth. The expansion of knowledge has induced phenomenal growth in the physical, material and other natural resources, making the supplies abundant for 6 billion till date, with their shortages , diseases and famine all around, when the population was much less in 15 or 16 century.
We are on a continuous growth through consistent striving for international recognition and accreditation to be a futuristic organization in testing and assessment services. We are making strong efforts to take a challenge of stretching our wings across the borders for launching our current as well as new testing and assessment products in international markets like Afghanistan, China, old Soviet States and OIC member countries, and to avail the gigantic opportunity to be recognized as Asian Leader in the Testing and Assessment industry.


Assurance of transparency, merit, excellence and standards of the national and international organizations through selecting right person for right place.
• To administer efficient, transparent and internal standard tests in order to assess competency of candidates for admissions, scholarship and recruitment.
• To undertake scientific research on testing, assessment, educational, technical and professional field in view of the changing circumstances of the organizations.
• To conduct perfectly right tests and recruitments for the candidates for their placement in educational and institutions across the country.
• To identify potential and prevailing gaps in operational and education systems.
• Provide professional certifications through quality testing and assessment to enhance capacities of educational and professional individuals and institutions.
• Develop and circulate information based on research regarding educational and professional development standards.
• To provide equal employment opportunity.
• To hunt the right candidate for right place.
• To provide support to the national and international institutions by providing deserving, talented, highly qualified and professionally equipped human resource.


Upholding its commitment with the government towards merit, quality and excellence, ITS engages with different Public Ministries and Private Institutes for their Human Resource exercises regarding Screening & Testing of suitable candidates.
The aim of ITS projects is to ensure recruitment process based on transparency.
I. Assistance for Compliance:
With the application of ITS' knowledge & potential based testing and ZERO tolerance policy in conducting tests and assessments , ITS operates as a third party to assist employers in achieving their objectives of transparent recruitment.
ii. Determination of Suitability:
Potentially strong team consisting of senior Civil & Defence officers, educationists, professionals and consultants at ITS provides module solutions of employers in order to evaluate suitability of candidate's knowledges as well as potential for respective roles in service.
iii. Personality Exploration:
ITS' designed Knowledge & Potential based testing allows the recruitment to shortlist potential candidates based on evaluation of personality dimensions such as their levels of positivity, tolerance and general attitude towards work.
iv. Emancipation of Neglected & Deprived:
ITS is an equal opportunity organization with modules that cover evaluation based on common intelligence and not gender. Such supports ITS' commitment to explore the hidden talent in deprived female population and physically handicapped for induction in the mainstream industry.
v. ITS Initiative:
While staying true to its core values of promoting equal opportunity. ITS offers privileged rates for females and physically mentally and challenged individuals.
vi. Employer Facilitation: ITS' evaluation process based on knowledge & potential helps recruiters to hand pick prolific and productive candidates.


Financially established position and remarkable capacity to conduct examination across the country. Adequate and well-trained staff to manage organizational operations consisting of 17 permanent staff members in each ITS’ office and 27 staff members in the head office. Latest technology to rub smooth evaluation process without any technical glitch. Time efficient system, which can manage results within 48 hours for more than 10,000 candidates, every day.


ITS technology system efficiently generates candidates’ database including their name, father’s name, and candidate’s picture and other necessary details.
Candidates can download their roll number slips from ITS website. ITS will then inform the candidates through SMS or E-mail.

ITS uses the most latest and advanced technologies for developing tests, structure test databank, paper generation, test conduction, e-marking and compilation of results. Interior Testing Service conducts and offers both, standard and abbreviated paper based test (PBT) and computer based tests (CBT). It includes,
i. Recruitment Tests
ii. Admission Tests
iii. General Assessment Tests
iv. Capacity Building